1NetherlandsAxel Van Hout361204155
2White KnightsStavros Pappas33110591
3EuropeMiguel Yarolindas2891631
4Baltic SeaClark Prateur24808-60
5West EuropeJay Cranston24808-62
6VikingsBendt Raaby24808-66
7CN EuropeDale Gerstin2372723
8Eastern OrientGreg Halescroft23727-90
9AfricaSam Gillen2271892
10Mediterranean BasinSimon Tresor1961954
11AmericasNorm Smithe155011-26
12PanthersFred Bauer134111-142


League 1

League admin: Miguel Yarolindas
Starting round: 11
Ending round: 32
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 0
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